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Laura Steck, M.A.
President & Executive Coach

Laura, President, Executive Coach, and licensed clinician, has worked with the Growth & Leadership Center for over 17 years. She is an expert at teaching optimistic interactions during critical transitions in organizations. She provides team-building tools and consultation to senior executives on how to deal with business changes, succession planning and conflict resolution.

Laura is vigorous and persistent in pursuit of data and results. Her enthusiasm and strong analytical problem-solving skills make her especially effective in working with top-level executives. She is also experienced in public speaking in many different forums.

Over the last seventeen years as a business owner, coach and facilitator, she has developed a solid reputation for expert handling of in-the-moment conflict and business strategies. Her clients range from high tech companies like Symantec and HP.

As a co-author for the book, Same Game Different Rules (Mc Graw Hill), she also facilitates GLC's Executive Women's Coaching Group where she inspires leadership and change in women executive levels. Her latest book co-authored with Jean Hollands is called Approachability. The Key to Influencing Others. NBC news, People Magazine, New York Times and international media have all praised Laura as a stimulating messenger for leadership skills in the workplace

"Laura Hollands-Steck will get you focused on your business blind spots right away and will not let you off the hook"

--COO Client of a major Silicon Valley Corporation




















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